Cheap but Fun Loving Jewelry for that Perfect Gift

Women's costume jewellery. Different types of tribal earrings.By tradition, Valentine's and Christmas is when women are showered with jewelry, but if you cannot afford it there are alternatives that are just as stunning. With the rising cost of gold and minerals, buying that tennis bracelet or diamond ring can be expensive. If it is in fact not affordable, you just need to change your strategy for finding that perfect piece of jewelry. And actually - affordable jewelry is very Chic today. Here are a some ideas for that stunning savant’ grande’ jewelry collection find.

Checkout gold plated necklaces and bracelets as an alternative. Over a period of years, the plating may thin, but then again, you won't have to take out a loan to buy these pieces. By the time that happens, you might again easily afford the real deal. If not, it's easy enough to replace with another gold-plated, affordable jewelry piece. Just be sure to store your jewelry in a lined jewelry box to protect the finish.

Trendy costume jewelry relies on good design and color for an attractive look. This type of affordable jewelry is great for day and casual wear and allows you to have earrings, necklaces and bangles that are versatile enough to mix and match throughout your entire wardrobe. Being so inexpensive, you can have lots of great pieces on a very limited jewelry budget.

A few good sources of affordable jewelry pieces may be found at estate sales, arts and crafts fairs, retro and consignment type shops. Even flea markets and garage sales will turn up some quite original jewelry. Individual jewelry artists sell their designs at arts and crafts fairs, providing you with quality workmanship, creative designs and completely affordable jewelry prices. Semi-precious stones, like garnets and turquoise, set in a good design, are every bit as attractive as some of the precious stones.

Ethnic jewelry is another great way to create a well-rounded, stand-out jewelry collection. Native American jewelry is one example. Native American craftsmen create beautiful pieces, using turquoise, amber, carnelian and other semi-precious stones. A watchband, made of silver with inlay work, is truly a conversation piece. Ring designs may include ornate carvings in silver. If your town doesn't have a Native American jewelry shop, you'll find beautiful collections online.

Maybe pearls are your thing, but genuine pearls are expensive. Look for faux pearls as an affordable jewelry alternative. Besides, technology has made it next to impossible for the average person to discern the difference between genuine and fake. No one, but a jeweler, will know!

Bracelets and bangles create an easy fashion splash for any costume. These are some of those fun fashion accessories, a display of your unique personality and fashion sense.

Period costume jewelry adds yet another aspect to your affordable jewelry collection. For instance, Renaissance styled pieces are very elegant, in keeping with a night at the ballet or other party occasion, but don't break the bank.

Our last idea may be one of the best: sign up for a jewelry making class and learn to design and make your own! This is the least expensive option and you'll not find anyone else wearing the piece – unless you choose to give it as a gift for a friend. You never know, you may end up selling your pieces for a good profit on Etsy.

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