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Frequently Asked Questions For Breadmaker
Resolved Question: Morphy Richards long breadmaker?
I'm thinking of buying a breadmaker and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the 'Morphy Richards long breadmaker'? Any comments, info, etc. would be gratefully received - thanks!

Resolved Question: What is the best breadmaker to buy?
im new to breadmakers and i dont know which one is teh best 2 buy. Can sme 1 plz help me! Make sure its in the uk though

Resolved Question: What setting on the Panasonic SD2500 breadmaker?
Bought some multi-grain bread flour from Sainsbury's, which has yeast in it already. Two questions: 1. Instructions state to put yeast in first and cover with flour - in order the liquid shouldn't react with the yeast till ready to do so. But this flour has yeast in it already. Will it still work or should I still add a little dry yeast at the bottom of the pan and treat the flour as normal? 2. There is no setting for a multi-grain flour (there is for multi-grain bread but that is when you add the grains in afterwards) so what setting should I use? The quickest setting possible! Thank you.

Resolved Question: How do I make bread in an automatic breadmaker?
I have an automatic bread-maker but no instructions or recipes. Please tell me what ingredients and what amounts I need to make homemade bread.

Resolved Question: Breadmaker help?
I recently bought a bread maker and lost the instruction manual and have no clue how to use it. If someone could tell me how to use it, it would be greatly appreciated. It is a Breadman Breadmaker

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Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro - breadmaker
Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro - breadmaker
Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro - Breadmaker - 910 W
Tiger Direct

Applica BK1050S Bm Pro Breadmaker 2lb Ssblk
Applica BK1050S Bm Pro Breadmaker 2lb Ssblk
Enjoy fresh baked bread the way you want it anytime. The exclusive automatic fruit and nut dispenser adds extras at the right time so you can bake without waiting around. Programming is simple with 14 fully baking functions. Breadman Exclusive Collapsible Kneading Paddle. No more unsightly holes in your bread. Breadman Exclusive Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispense. Add fruits and nuts to your bread anytime automatically. Perfect Bake Technology. Easy to Read Measuring Cup Adjustable Measuring Spoon 14 Baking Functions Up to 15 Hour Delay Bake Timer. Nonstick Bread Pan and Kneading Paddle 3 Loaf Sizes 1 1.5 and 2 lb. 3 Crust Shades light, medium and dark. 1-Hour Keep Warm Function; Recipe Book Included. Power Failure Protection; Large Viewing Window.

Applica Consumer Products 7020704 TR520 8 Function Breadmaker
Applica Consumer Products 7020704 TR520 8 Function Breadmaker

Breadman horizontal loaf breadmaker makes 2 lb horizontal loaf 1 hour keep warm cycle fast bake bread in under 1 hour 13 hour delay timer crust control Light medium & dark viewing window 8 programs.

  • Weight: 13.2

SDYD250 Yeast Pro Automatic
SDYD250 Yeast Pro Automatic
Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Breadmaker - SDYD250 Patented Yeast Dispenser 25 lb To 15 lb Loaf Choice Of Bread And Baking Modes 13 Hour Countdown Digital Timer Nonstick Coating For Easy Cleanup

Applica BK2000B Bm Bread Maker Black
Applica BK2000B Bm Bread Maker Black
Breadman Professional Breadmaker - Breadman Exclusive Collapsible Kneading Paddle - no more unsightly holes in your bread. Breadman Exclusive Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser - add fruits & nuts to your bread anytime, automatically. Breadman Exclusive Dual Nonstick Bread Pan Baking System. Breadman Exclusive Heat Diffusion Baking Technology. Easy to Read Measuring Cup Custom. Adjustable Measuring Spoon. 13 Fully Baking Functions . 15-Hour Delay Bake Timer . 3 Crust Shades - light / medium / dark. 1-Hour Keep Warm Function. 10-Minute Power Failure Protection. Backlit Digital Display. Easy-to-use Push-Button Controls. Recipe Book Included. Large Viewing Window .

Breadman TR520 2-Pound Horizontal Bread Maker
Breadman TR520 2-Pound Horizontal Bread Maker
Enjoy the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread with this easy-to-use breadmaker. The machine bakes 1 1-1/2 and 2-pound loaves in less than an hour and can handle any favorite recipe - from cinnamon raisin honey wheat rosemary and cranberry oat to hearty rye cheesy onion focaccia and classic French bread even cinnamon rolls for breakfast or dinner rolls for the evening meal. The machine features a user-friendly push-button control panel with a digital display for simple programming. Choose from three crust shades - light medium or dark and from eight different functions for making a wide range of breads and doughs. The unit also provides a delay timer that can be set up to 13 hours - great for waking up to or coming home to a warm loaf ready to be sliced and lathered with butter. Other thoughtful design details include a fruit-and-nut add-in signal bell a viewing window a removable lid and a nonstick baking pan for quick cleanup.

  • Paddle comes attached to electrical cord; detach but keep safe for use with select bread types.
  • Programmable breadmaker bakes 1 1-1/2 and 2-pound loaves.
  • 3 Crust shades; 8 functions for breads and doughs; 13-hour delay timer.
  • Fruit-and-nut add-in signal bell; viewing window; nonstick baking pan; removable lid.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.2 x 13.5.

  • Asian Crush 887936033124 The Soul of Bread DVD
    Asian Crush 887936033124 The Soul of Bread DVD

    A charming breadmaker comes up with a unique plan to save a small-town bakery from going under but he also gets tangled up in a love triangle with the owners daughter and her baker boyfriend.

    • The Soul of Bread DVD
    • Michelle Chen Han-dian Chen Anthony Neely
    Directed By:
    • Pin-chuan Kao
    Produced By:
    • Pin-chuan Kao
    • Genre: Romance Comedy
    • Language: Chinese
    • Format: DVD-NTSC
    • Screen Size: 720 x 480 - 30I
    • Aspect: Four-To-Three
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Disc Format: DVD-5