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Frequently Asked Questions For Horse Riding Supplies
Resolved Question: Horse Supplies?
what are some companies to buy horse supplies from? i know of, but what are some others? also, what are good brands to buy quality tack from for western riding?(Circle Y is good, right?) oh, and what is a good english saddle that is cheap but not crappy quality. it doesn't have to be leather. i ride western and some english, but i just bought a new horse, and none of my tack fit him. plus, he is ridden english too, and don't have an english saddle. THANKS!!

Resolved Question: Horse supplies?????????????
Well, I getting a horse sometime. Not going to rush into things though. I haven't ridden in years but I'm going back into lessons. I use to own a horse but sadly he died and I lost my interest in looking for another friend. I remember a lot but. I need to make sure I am getting everything. And That I get a good price for what I do need. I do need a new saddle and bridle. Western! I'm into barrels but I may get English stuff for jumping! SO English too! Any good websites to go to and buy this? Safe too! Have you bought anything from here? Any good stores in Around NY, NJ, PA. What would you pay? I had a paint but I'm looking into any breed what do you prefer? Can you make a list of supplies and the cost! Oh and board how much would you pay? I was younger and my parents did most of it so ya. I really have no clue how much board would cost. But I know this can be expensive. How much would you pay for board and a trailer?? Thanks! Oh I do have a job. I'm 14 and I'm getting another job so I'll have two lol!

Resolved Question: Horse riding?
i start horse riding on Thurday for the next 16 weeks because it's a trial thing with my school but the only thing i've been told is to wear boots with a heel and the only thing i own like that is a few pairs of doc martens, would these be okay? plus they're like my favourite things to wear and what about on my legs? leggings are basically all i wear, would these be suitable? im going to be supplied a hat and im 14 if it makes any difference thanks for any help:)

Resolved Question: Turquoise Horse Supplies?
Does anybody know where to buy horse supplies such as blankets, grooming kits, sheets, etc. in turquoise? My horse is black and I have a turquoise halter for him, and it looks so good, but I want all his stuff to match. Please help!

Resolved Question: Horses??????
We are considering getting a horse next summer. But first my dad wants us to learn everything about them, and he wants us to take a six weeks spring riding lessons. How much do most places charge for lessons? I also need to know what kind of horses are good with children and teens. What are some of the supplies that are must haves? How many acres do you need for a horse? Is a horse hard to care for? Do you need to care for them everyday ( cleaning stalls, feeding, and watering )? Please help. Also if anyone knows a good horse website please let me know.

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USToy IN376X27 Inflatable Riding Horse Toy 27 Per Pack - Pack of 1
USToy IN376X27 Inflatable Riding Horse Toy 27 Per Pack - Pack of 1

USToy provides the best and affordable safe and fun novelty toys carnival prizes and party supplies. Our passion and creativity drives us to find unique products for any event. Our quality values which are reflected in our products and excellent client satisfaction.

Ride em cowboy This inflatable riding horse is a must have for your wild west enthusiast. They will be prancing around the backyard for hours with this top seller. At 5 ft tall it makes a great costume accessory of both children and adult cowboys.

  • Inflatable Riding Horse Toy
  • 27 Pack of 1
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Age: 3 +
  • Long: 60

Riding Crop
Riding Crop
So get this you are out riding a horse without a Riding Crop. It's pretty difficult to get your race horse to even hear you give it direction. The horse hops off the track heads to the nearest ice cream shop for a cone. The horse doesn't have a wallet it's making you pay for ice cream! The worst part is you don't have enough cash to pay for any ice cream for you. Don't let this happen to you on Halloween make sure the jockey costume you are rocking has a Riding Crop. This beautiful crop is 24 inches long with a faux leather loop on each end. The semi-flexible rod is covered with faux braided strips of leather. Made to look good and not for real riding, unless it's on one of those cool toy horses or a merry-go-round.

Radio Flyer 381 Blaze Interactive Riding Horse
Radio Flyer 381 Blaze Interactive Riding Horse
Meet Blaze the next best thing to a real horse! This beautiful realistically designed spring horse responds to your childs motion with lifelike sounds triggered by three levels of riding action: walking trotting and galloping.

  • Beautifully decorated realistic horse.
  • Electronic sounds triggered by riding action during 3 stages of riding: walking trotting and galloping.
  • Includes brush and carrot to activate chewing sounds.
  • Built-in safety straps to protect little fingers.
  • E-Z Climb step for easy on and off.
  • Ages: For ages 2 - 6 Years.
  • Assembled Body: 36 L x 41 W x 21 H.
  • Weight Capacity: 60 lbs.

  • Sports Horse Riding Disposable Camera Case Of 10
    Sports Horse Riding Disposable Camera Case Of 10
    • Sports horse riding disposable camera
    • 35 mm. Single Use Camera
    • 24 + 3 Exposures High Speed quality color print film with flash
    • Camera dimension - 4.25 long x 1 wide x 2.25 high in.
    • Case of 10

    Posterazzi DPI1841213 Man Riding Horse Poster Print 17 x 11
    Posterazzi DPI1841213 Man Riding Horse Poster Print 17 x 11

    Man Riding Horse PosterPrint is a licensed reproduction that was printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. A print great for any room! Our print are ready to frame or hang with removable mounting putty to create a vintage look.

    • Man Riding Horse Poster Print
    • Designed with precision and functionality
    • Value for money
    • Superior quality design
    • Wide collection of posters to choose from
    • Choices for every style
    • Artist: Richard Wear & Design Pics
    • Type: Photo Print
    • Size: 17 x 11 in.

    NEWSS-37105B NEW-RAY - Pink Horse Riding Playset The perfect
    NEWSS-37105B NEW-RAY - Pink Horse Riding Playset The perfect
    Pink Horse Riding Playset The perfect gift for your little cowgirl! Brightly colored in a pink purple and orange theme your cowgirl will find lots of enjoyment with this gift! It features two cowgirls on horseback a pink four-wheeler and various
  • Age: 5 and up

  • Imported Horse &supply Riding Whip 36 Inch - 111195
    Imported Horse &supply Riding Whip 36 Inch - 111195
  • This whip is well balanced and feels very comfortable in your hand.
  • An instrument used for driving coaching or changing the behavior of horses.
  • Size: 36.

  • Costumes For All Occasions SS24533G Riding On Horse Inflatable
    Costumes For All Occasions SS24533G Riding On Horse Inflatable
    The most unique illusion style costumes in years! Simply pull on the costume turn it on and watch the laughs begin. Your body makes up the upper half of the costume while your lower body makes up the bottom walking part of the costume. Requires 4AA batteries (not included). ONE SIZE FITS MOST ADULTS.
    Box Dimensions (in Inches)
    Length : 16.00
    Width : 12.00
    Height : 3.00

    Unicorn Studios WU76626A4 Indian Woman Riding Her Horse Sculpture - Bronze
    Unicorn Studios WU76626A4 Indian Woman Riding Her Horse Sculpture - Bronze
    • This sculpture is a finely crafted highly detailed work of art from the veronese collection
    • You will be very pleased with the quality of this amazing Indian sculpture
    • Length: 11 in.
    • Material: Cold Cast Bronze

    Horse Confetti
    Horse Confetti
    Cowboy Style. Horse Confetti is the perfect addition to your way out west celebration. Western inspired confetti is the perfect table decoration for ho-down events, country concert tailgating, Derby parties, horse racing celebrations, and western inspired birthday parties. 1 ounce of confetti. Black and copper confetti. Whether you are looking for party favors or family fun, stock up on western favors, decorations, and tableware. Western party supplies are perfect for cowboy birthday parties and country events.
    Century Novelty