Kids Bored this Summer, Get Active with these Activities

children in summer campEver get to that point when you played too many video games or forgot what it was like to go outside. Better yet, ever spend so much time inside that when you do go outside, the sun is so bright you’re like a vampire seeing sunlight.

With school being out and summer in swing, don’t suffer from boredom. What you need is a therapeutic reboot to relieve some stress, get your mind thinking and your body active.

It’s easy to get bored once school is out. We might find ourselves just vegging out after the first week of summer or spending so much time in the beginning doing everything that it because bored.

Start slow, try something you haven’t tried. Take tennis lessons or golf. If it’s hot during the middle of the day, take a stroll to the bowling alley. Bowling can be a social game, just as golf and there are usually several leagues going. Sports gets you out of the house and active with friends and family. By joining a club, lessons or a league in the summer it will help keep you on a schedule and from getting bored. And for those rainy days, you can always stay home and weight lift, dance, play board games, aerobics or yoga.

Talking of aerobics, ballet dancing is another great pastime. When you think of things to do or hobbies, don't forget all types of dance. Square dancing is fun for people who like getting together with groups of people of all ages. Ballroom dancing has been popular for a long time and is performed professionally.

You could always learn to kayak - some other ideas include canoeing, hiking, or trekking? How about getting involved with an environmental group and volunteering for cleanups? In many states, you can form groups to clean riverbanks and monitor water quality, and the state will provide perks such as t-shirts, work gloves, and first-aid kits. Or maybe you'd like studying the wildlife in your region. It can be great fun to wander through the woods and fields with a field guide, learning to identify each wildflower, insect, tree, and bird.

If you’re truly bored, redecorate your room or give it a good cleaning. Rearranging your furniture will certainly give it a new look. Not that the idea is to stay home when school is out, but it passes the time away and when you get back you’re your activities you will enjoy coming back to a newer, fresher looking room that you will enjoy.

If you would like to join a club, recreation centers usually host lessons and classes on theatre, learn to play the guitar, pottery, soap making, and many other crafts. There are almost as many hobby ideas as there are boring people. However, you won’t’ stay bored for long with all these ideas which will certainly take up your time.

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