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New 2016 Barbe Dream House WalmartWho would have ever thought that Barbie Doll houses would become this high-tech? The original houses had doors and windows that could be opened, stickers that looked like household items and children were thrilled with all it could do. Barbie Hello Dream House goes way beyond what the original houses could do and would have blown my mind when I was little to see something like it.

The Barbie Hello Dream House is a high-tech modern home for Barbie and her friends that offers everything that a child could want. With this house they can have their dolls living in style and comfort, not to mention it will give the child's imagination room to soar about what it would be like to live in a place just like the doll house.

The Barbie Hello Dream House is packed with high-tech features that make it seem so real and just fun. This house has Wi-Fi speech recognition that allows children to program the home to do whatever they want and all they have to do is give the command.

There are four motors in this house that activate different things, the automatic elevator, spinning chandelier, stairs that turn into a slide and of course doors that open just using the voice command. With six rooms Barbie will have enough room to invite friends over.

Everything in these rooms, like the elevator and stairs, can be moved with the child just telling it to. There is a Hello Dream House app that you can use to program different sounds into different rooms and you even have the option to record your own sounds to use.

Along with the voice commands there are also 13 switches that will activate different sounds and lights in the rooms. For example, there is a nice fireplace in the Barbie Hello Dream House and with the flip of a switch there will be a nice glowing fire with sounds and light. The shower, oven and office desk also have sounds that can be activated with the switches.

The high-tech features are not all that is included with this house. There are also many pieces of modern furniture that will provide tons of fun for a child as they rearrange the house to where it is exactly like they want it. Some of these pieces, such as a tablet and water bottle, can actually be held by the dolls, which brings a little more realism to this dream home.

This house is easily programmable. It comes with a how to video to guide parents through the set up process so that the Barbie Hello Dream House can be correctly connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network the voice commands can be activated. Parents will have to create what is called a Toy Talk account and the app will guide them through this setup. The app is compatible with the electronic devices listed below.

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This item became available on November 15, 2016.

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Resolved Question: Does your daughter have a Barbie Dream House?
They cost $119 at Toys R Us. Is it worth it? I had one when I was little and it was great, but I have heard people say that these new ones are cheaply made and not worth the money because everything falls apart. If your child has one, what was your experience? Also, how old is your child?

Resolved Question: POLL: Do you have a barbie dream house?
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Resolved Question: Where do the batteries go in the Barbie dream house?
I bought a barbie dreamhouse which was floor stock from a store so it does not have any instructions. It looks like it has an intercom, flushing toilet etc but they are not working so i assume i need to put batteries in it, but i can t work out where they should go? any one know??

Resolved Question: Does anyone know if it's possible to rent out Barbie's dream house in Malibu?
For just a night or to take a tour?

Resolved Question: What does barbie dream house have laese tell me l 60 items?
barbie dream house items

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MCA D61115205D Dream House

A successful New York writer Daniel Craig discovers that the country holds just as much menace as the big city after moving his family to a cozy New England town and discovering that their gorgeous new home was once the site of a brutal murder. The closer the writer and his wife Rachel Weisz get to their new neighbor Naomi Watts the more that details begin to emerge about the slaying of a devoted mother and her two children. Jim Sheridan In America Brothers directs a script by David Loucka The Dream Team Problem Child.

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