Racing Fan Gift Ideas

Race cars racing at the grand prixAuto racing fans are dedicated. Not only do they tune into their favorite races week in and week out, but they have also made the manufacturing and selling of auto racing gear big business. If you are purchasing auto racing gear, you should always look for the official NASCAR logo on your gear. The logo guarantees that you are buying a quality product and not just a shoddy souvenir that will not last and/or lose its value in the future. Granted, the fake stuff will be cheaper, but you should know that the low price most always equals low quality.

Clothing and Jewelry

Most race fans will have at least one T-shirt, jacket or hat. Most fans have hundreds of these items. Some fans will even buy there purchases in twos, one to wear and one to store away.

If you have been to a race than you know that fans love to clad themselves from head to toe in their favorite driver’s color and number. For a complete look, a fan will not only have on a T-shirt, but they will adorn themselves in a hat, socks, bandana, pants or shorts (depending on the season) and if it is cold outside, they will have on their driver’s jacket.

Racing is very popular among women. Auto racing gear now caters to the fairer sex and has everything imaginable in a jewelry line including bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings.

Home Décor

Do you love a particular race car driver? If so, then you should know that you can decorate your game or television room with auto racing gear. From wall paper to quilts and dishes, you can have your favorite driver’s face, number or colors welcome you every time you enter into your family room. There are many fans who would never decorate their home with auto racing gear, but you would be surprised at how many of them do have sheets they sleep on that have their driver’s color or face on them.

Office Supplies

Do you have a professional in your family who is also a race fan? Why not buy them some post it notes, pens, pencils, calendar or other auto racing gear that is available for the office? While you should know that your professional friends and family will never use auto racing stationary when they are sending out their professional correspondence, they will use it to write their own personal notes and “to do” lists on.

Auto racing gear is supposed to be fun. From clothing to home décor to office supplies, fans gobble up auto racing gear and it has turned into a big hobby for some and a small business for others. You only have to log into auction sites to see some of this merchandise going for big bucks. Whether you are a race fan or not, it would probably be worth your time to check into what is hot in auto racing gear today because it will probably be worth a small fortune in the future.


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