Willy’s Jeeps – A Tribute to Patriotism

jeep willys 1944Willy’s jeeps have been a part of American history for quite some time now. It is very possible to trace back this history all the way back to the time of World War two. It is truly an example of how the automotive industry has evolved over the years. Willy's Jeeps always had a sense of patriotism attached to them because they were first marketed to the US military.

Their timeline begins in November of 1940, which is just a year before the US got involved with the war. The first prototype which was ever released was a four wheel drive vehicle entitled the Quad. This model which was marketed to the US army was built with their go-devil engine. This engine had 60 horsepower and 105 foot pounds of torque. The company stuck out at the time because this surpassed not only the military's standards, but also the standards of any other company at the time. After the war had ended because of their huge success they realized they could also market their vehicles to the American public.

The Willy parts seemed to once again reign supreme, and from 1955 to 1983 the CJ 5 model seemed to be the most popular. Special versions of this model also were released. Models like Jeep camper, 462 renegade, and Tuxedo Park. Willy's parts were also known to make pick up trucks and wagons in addition to their jeep models.

Many might ask what the allure is to buying one of these vehicles. For one they are top of the line even though they were made years ago, and of course these vehicles are a piece of our history. But you should know that restoring one of these vehicles can be kind of a tough job. But if you have the right tools and resources it is worth it. The Willy parts franchise is one which is embedded in our history, and one we should never forget.

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